Empowering Georgia’s Youth

Making a lasting impact through academic and athletic support.



At the Allen Bailey Foundation, we’re driven by a vision of a prosperous future—one where every young person possesses the tools and opportunities to overcome systemic inequalities and thrive. Our holistic educational initiatives equip students with in-demand, high-paying skills while embedding the principles of equity and cultural relevance. Our collaborations ensure that our graduates emerge with clarity and a solid path forward.

Our programs go beyond traditional education. Students engage with software development and entrepreneurship, enriched by robust leadership training that encourages self-reflection and community involvement. They gain invaluable insights from CEOs, industry experts and community leaders, equipping them with the comprehensive skills needed to succeed in all facets of life. This comprehensive approach is how we empower students to become not only participants but leaders in creating an equitable future.

Challenges Faced by Youth

Overcoming obstacles and achieving success

Lack of Opportunities

Many young individuals lack access to resources and opportunities for growth.

Lack of Guidance

Without proper guidance, youth often struggle to navigate their path to success.

Limited Resources

Youth face challenges due to limited resources that impact their ability to excel.

Lack of Mentorship

Youth benefit greatly from mentorship to develop key skills and confidence.

Empowering Solutions

Unlocking potential through academic and athletic programs

Youth Empowerment

We empower our youth by providing them with opportunities to excel in both academics and athletics. Nurturing personal growth and character development is crucial to fulfilling our mission.

Athletic Development

We support and promote athletic development among young athletes to help them reach their fullest potential. We provide guidance, encouragement, and advice to help students navigate their unique needs.

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Academic Support

We provide academic support, helping students from all backgrounds excel in their studies. It is our duty to ensure they have tools and resources needed to overcome challenges of school and life.

Our Journey to Success

ALLEN BAILEY Foundation was established with a vision to empower the youth of Georgia and make a lasting impact.

We have served countless individuals, supporting them in both their academic and athletic pursuits, helping them grow both personally and professionally.

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Experience the Benefits

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Holistic Development

We focus on nurturing not just academic but also athletic skills, allowing for well-rounded growth.

Mentorship and Guidance

Our foundation provides mentorship and guidance to empower youth on their journey to success.

Opportunities for Excellence

Through our support, we provide numerous opportunities for academic and athletic excellence.

Hear from Our Community

Thanks to Allen’s foundation. I was able to give my brother resources to get his college books.
Sharon M.
Thank you to the AB Foundation for the turkey! Don’t be Jive Turkey Drive!
Emily Q.
I am grateful for the support and guidance provided by the ALLEN BAILEY Foundation, which has transformed my son’s skills on the field. (high school junior)
Tim S.
The foundation’s commitment means a lot. Thank you for the bookbags over the years.
Yolanda T.

Empower the Next Generation

OR Call Us At:

(912) 689-6324

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